Rickenbacker Tom Petty Signature
1991-1993 (circa)Birdseye Maple, Rosewood
Poor Tom Petty had many of his guitars stolen recently, but he still has a Rickenbacker signature model. Its official name is Model 660/12TP. No surprise with such release, Tom Petty has been a long time supporter of the brand. Although it was officially introduced during the 1991 NAMM Anaheim show, prototypes were hurling around as early as 1988. A total of 1000 TPs were made, the majority with a Fireglo finish (813), the rest in Jetglo (187).
Neck through body, the TP is entirely made of Birdseye Maple, with the addition of a rosewood fretboard. It also features the traditional toaster pickups that Petty favored.
May 3, 2012
Rickenbacker 4001
1961-1981Maple, Walnut, Rosewood
Hard to keep track of all the bass legends that played the Rickenbacker 4001 at some point in their carreer. To name a few: Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Phil Lynott, Paul Simonon and here is how Cliff Burton mastered it.
Neck through, triangular inlays, crescent wave body shape, the 4001 is iconic in many ways. Its successor, the 4003 model, remains very similar in features and definition.
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April 30, 2012
1965 Rickenbacker 365 OS
The 365 was basically an upscale version of the 360 model that came with a tremolo bar. Two body styles were available: OS (Old Style) for the 330 body style with sharp horns, or NS (New Style) for the rounded body. The OS is one of my favorite Rick out of the 300 family, and the factory original Autumnglo finish is simply stunning.
February 7, 2012
Rickenbacker 360/12
1963-presentMaple, Walnut, Rosewood
A Rick’s classic. First 12 strings, with stereo output. Favored by dozen of guitar legends. George Harrison, Pete Townshend, Brian Jones, Jeff Buckley to name a few. Pictured is a 1968 Fireglo
November 5, 2011
Rickenbacker Model 100 Silver Hawaiian
There were two versions of the model 100 lap steel guitar. The Silver Hawaiian (pictured) was chromed and was one of the early models while the other one was wooden lap steel from the fifties.For sale
July 7, 2011
70s Rickenbacker Model 480
Photo by Eirik Lye
June 8, 2011
c 1950 Rickenbacker DC-16 Double Eight Strings Lap Steel guitar.
February 18, 2011
Gorgeous instance of a circa 1957 Rickenbacker Combo 400 showcased at Rudy’s Music Soho, New York. Combo 400s were the first Rickenbackers to be shaped like a “tulip”.
February 8, 2011
1966 Rickenbacker 460 with a custom green. lovely. 
January 30, 2011

What would the best guitar to play a festive tune for this time of the year?  Probably this 1971 Rickenbacker 331 Light Show. Below its translucent top, colored bulbs light up when played.
Merry Christmas tumblrs
December 25, 2010

1966 Rickenbacker 450/12
September 16, 2010
Rickenbacker Model A-22
This is the very first electric guitar. A 1931 rickenbacker lap-steel Model A-22 a.k.a “The Frying pan”.
September 7, 2010