Casio PG-380
1987- Early 1990sAlder, Maple, Ebony
Before Casio came into play, Roland had no real competiton in the Midi guitar market. A total of five models were made by the japanese brand, all at the famous Fuji-Gen factory were Fender and Ibanez models were also produced.
The Casio PG-380 established Casio’s superiority over Roland. Like all the other Casio models, the PG-380 is a superstrat stuffed with loads of electronics; so many in fact the designers had to give up the contoured ‘beer gut’ typical to the stratocaster body. Hear some bits
May 2, 2012
Misa Digital Kitara
And now for something completely new and different, here is a digital guitar that is basically the evolution of our beloved 80s synth guitars. The guitar hides a LINUX OS in its shell. Just like a Guitar Hero instrument, you press buttons instead of strings, but unlike the video game, It has 24 frets with 6 buttons on each, and a very cool strumming pad.
It has both MIDI and standard output, and it seems possible to pull few pink-floydish sounds out of it. +1 for the design effort. Hear it laser
April 12, 2012
Chris Larkin Robin ASAP solid steel with Midi. The mini pickup captures only the E and A strings.
January 24, 2011