Herbert Todt Guitar
Mid 60s. Spruce, Maple
Extremely rare archtop made by an Eastern Germany luthier. More info (in german)
June 9, 2014
Mosrite Combo XII
Superb californian twelve string. Plays like butter.
May 27, 2014
Gibson EMS 1235
Spruce, Mahogany
This 1959 model is one of 13 made and features three legendary PAF pups. More info and photos by Guitarpoint
May 14, 2014
Scharpach The Vienna Opus
2000s,Spruce, Maple, Cedrela Odorata
Magnificent Jazz archtop from the dutch luthier Scharpach. Hear it
May 5, 2014
George Harrison + Epiphone Casino
May 4, 2014
Gibson ES-150
Rosewood, Mahogany, Ebony
Gibson’s original electric spanish  with the famous Charlie Christian pickup, jazzy goodness.  More pics
April 25, 2014
National New Yorker Archtop
1941Ebony, Spruce, Rosewood
A magnificient blonde hollowbody features a very interesting early example of a humbucker, and it sounds just like it should.
Tons of photos and details at antebelluminstruments
April 23, 2014
Airline 7215
An extremely rare, Harmony-built, hollowbody Airline model. 
Photo by lostarkstudio
March 27, 2014
Guild X-50
1954-1970Mahogany, Maple, Rosewood
The Guild X-50 was Guild’s response to Gibson ES-125. It was the smallest of Guilds hollowbody and the only model of the ‘X’ line to be non-cutaway. Early models were nicknamed Granada, up until 1961 when the guitar was renamed Cordoba.
June 29, 2012
Gretsch 6117 Catseye
1964-1968Maple, Mahogany, Rosewood
As cool as it is rare, the Gretsch 6117 Catseye got its name from the “Cat eyed” shape sound holes instead of the traditional F-holes. Common to Rickenbacker, catseye holes were only seen in acoustic Gretsch models.
Known colors are black, candy apple red, and an extremely rare metallic blue. Edit: Sam Ash had apparently a 1964 exclusive in Monkee’s red (pictured)
June 5, 2012
Hofner President Electric Archtop
1956-1971Spruce, Maple, Mahogany, Rosewood
Another superb Hofner. The President Electric was a variant of the acoustic model of the same name, which started off in 1953. It is easily recognized by its triple dot inlays and single cutaway (venetian or florentine). Early models had black bar pickups (pictured). Hear it
Photo from Vintagehofner
June 2, 2012
Gibson Byrdland
1955-PresentSpruce, Maple, Ebony
The name Byrdland is a mashup of the names of Billy Bird and Hank Garland the two guitarists who participated in its design. They had requested a short scale archtop that would be less bulky than the traditional hollowbody, and this is basically what they got: A short-scale thinline L5CES.
P90s, PAF pickups, venetian or florentine cutaway, the Gibson Byrdland went through several phases, but was always seen as a remarkable and prized instrument. Some of Gibson’s finest. Hear it
Photo: Georgesmusic
May 13, 2012
Gibson ES-175 CC
1978-1980Maple, Rosewood
This is officially the first model featuring a Charlie Christian pickup since the ES-150, on which the pickup made its original introduction in 1936. Although the ES-175CC was an instant success among jazz players looking for a vintage sound, only 479 units of the Kamalazoo crafted instrument were ever produced. Hear it jazz
April 24, 2012
Guild T-100
Despite the fact it was not such a popular model at the time, several variations of the T-100 exist. The earliest model had a single Franz P90 pickup (T-100 SP). A dual pickup (T-100 DP) version followed. In order to compete with Gibson’s new models, a version was released as the “Guild Starfire” with two humbuckers. Photo: Greg’s guitar
April 9, 2012
Gibson ES-5
1949-1962Maple, Rosewood
The ES-5 was first revealed at the 1949 NAMM convention as “the supreme electronic version of the famed Gibson L-5”. It was the first Gibson model to feature three pickups. That is also the first Gibson to feature volume knobs with a 0-10 graduation. The original price tag was $395, which was well below the price of a Super 400.
A four-way switch was eventually added in 1956 and the model was renamed “ES-5 Switchmaster”. A year later, the P-90s were replaced by the legendary PAF pickups. The Es-5 was reintroduced between 1995 and 2006 as a Custom Shop model.
March 23, 2012