Herbert Todt Guitar
Mid 60s. Spruce, Maple
Extremely rare archtop made by an Eastern Germany luthier. More info (in german)
June 9, 2014
Gibson EMS 1235
Spruce, Mahogany
This 1959 model is one of 13 made and features three legendary PAF pups. More info and photos by Guitarpoint
May 14, 2014
Parker Fly Artist
1997-…Spruce, Basswood, Carbon Fibre
March 15, 2014
Hofner President Electric Archtop
1956-1971Spruce, Maple, Mahogany, Rosewood
Another superb Hofner. The President Electric was a variant of the acoustic model of the same name, which started off in 1953. It is easily recognized by its triple dot inlays and single cutaway (venetian or florentine). Early models had black bar pickups (pictured). Hear it
Photo from Vintagehofner
June 2, 2012
Gibson Byrdland
1955-PresentSpruce, Maple, Ebony
The name Byrdland is a mashup of the names of Billy Bird and Hank Garland the two guitarists who participated in its design. They had requested a short scale archtop that would be less bulky than the traditional hollowbody, and this is basically what they got: A short-scale thinline L5CES.
P90s, PAF pickups, venetian or florentine cutaway, the Gibson Byrdland went through several phases, but was always seen as a remarkable and prized instrument. Some of Gibson’s finest. Hear it
Photo: Georgesmusic
May 13, 2012
Golden Hofner
1959-1962Maple, Spruce, Ebony
Hofner’s holy grail. Rather fatty, its 18” body size is the largest body ever made by Hofner. Mother-of-pearl roses inlays florish through a zero-fret 11 piece laminated neck. Came in three versions (acoustic, electric and thinline).
Sold exclusively in the UK by Selmer, about 100 goldens ended in british homes. The rest of the world had to accomodate with the Hofner 470 model, very similar but smaller in size and with different inlays. If you’re curious, here is a ton of pictures and more details.
March 4, 2012
1959 Guild M-75 Aristocrat
1959Spruce, Mahogany
The lord of the Guild.P-90 love. Absolutely gorgeous. On Ebay
February 5, 2012